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Chi Flowing Mindful Movement


Our body is designed to MOVE in a constantly shifting dance of finding support by transferring forces through the bones and soft tissues. 

Each Chi Flowing Mindful Movement class and sequence focuses on slow, flowing movement with conscious breathing to increase strength, balance and flexibility in every joint of the body. By combining gentle supported breathing with a somatic experience of deeply listening and communicating with your own body you will open your energy channels, clear your mind and revitalize your entire natural body/mind relationship by energizing the relationship of your limbs to your core and releasing tension from your nervous system. This creates more freedom of movement with less discomfort. 

These classes are perfect for folks with chronic movement restrictions and pain, as well as people who are interested in cultivating a deeper relationship with their body as they move in their daily life. 

The Chair class focuses on both seated and standing body awareness movements that use a chair as support.

The Fundamentals class includes both standing movements to get energy flowing and a mat series to energize the relationship of your limbs to your core to release tension from the nervous to deeply relax. 

Take time to honor the wisdom of your body and leave class FEELING GREAT!

Click here to sample a Chi Flowing series: Standing Movement in the 3 Planes.

What people are saying

“I first came to Chi Flowing Fundamentals due to a knee injury. I was scheduled for a total knee replacement and was looking for relief from my pain. She looked at the many aspects of how I walked, how I struggled with going up and down stairs and where I was holding tensions in my body. Moving slowly and mindfully I started to make incremental changes that built upon each other during the following weeks. I became so aware of subtle abilities to move a little bit deeper, a little bit longer. I had falsely believed I was balanced in my body movements as I was aware of my body from my previous yoga practices. However upon following the instructions from Catherine in class I could feel in my body, quickly to my amazement, how I favored weight so differently. Wow! I was encouraged immediately. Her light-heartedness and joy in teaching was evident to all of us. I delighted in learning how to love my body back into health. Isn't that incredible? Our minds and bodies are so connected. Thinking I was completely healed as I move so freely now she gently reminded me that exercises for my knee should not be eliminated. My knee surgery was not necessary and I give Catherine the credit for showing me how I can incorporate spirit with mind and body. People close to me often will look at me and say, " Remember when you could hardly walk?" Or, "Look at how you move so freely." Thank-you Catherine from the bottom of my heart.” ~ Deb Davis, 2016 Minneapolis, MN

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