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Spiritual Expansion Toolkit

6 Month Program for Expansion of Consciousness
This kit is a 6-month program to assist in clearing mental and emotional patterns that interfere with expansion of consciousness.

It includes 6 (1/2 fl oz.) bottles of gemstone and plant essences that are designed to sequentially clear the energy field from lower to higher chakras over a 6 month period. Each essence is taken for one month before moving on to the next essence. The kit includes an instruction booklet (paper or pdf download) that takes you through the process, and the bottles contain enough to go through the entire process at least twice (or you can share with a family member or friend).

Overview of process:

clears all chakras and assists in loosening miasms


works with clearing mental patterns, supporting nervous system and alleviating lower back pain due to mental constructs


works with the 3rd and 4th chakras clearing emotions and opening the hearth chakra


continues emotional clearing and brings alignment with soul and spirit for more mental clarity and understanding of self


continues detoxing the energy field to assist in gently opening the heart


assists in opening the crown chakra and realizing your purpose for incarnating at this time on earth

$120 for 6 bottles plus $8.00 shipping

To Purchase:

*OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Purchase a 1/2 fl. oz. bottle of Diamond Essence to enhance your 6-month program for $8 $128 for 7 bottles plus $8.00 shipping

To Purchase:

*Note: if you are somewhat emotionally unbalanced you may experience heightened emotions during the first 60 days. If you go through the first 2 weeks without experiencing difficulties with emotions, Master Hilarion said it is okay to try taking a drop of Diamond essence 10MM once a day because Diamond acts to ease miasms and to transmute toxins by pushing themvout of the body into the aura.
Stop taking the Diamond essence during any time you are experiencing overwhelming emotions that are consistently disrupting your daily life.

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