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how Yoga your way movement coaching works:

“Yoga” means “to unite with the Divine” – a daily practice of allowing your Authentic, Spirit-Self to be present in every cell of your body. 

This custom designed somatics-based yoga/movement package is designed for you with a goal of finding more space within the body/mind to unwind patterns that interfere with freedom of movement and breath. Each session is co-created between Catherine Siri Sat and the client to meet the client’s goals. Chronic injuries, pain triggers and movement limitations are lovingly honored as we gently coax the body to reveal how it wants to move and breathe in order to feel supported. 

During each session we greet and meet the client’s body where it is in the moment and build on the previous class experience. It takes a minimum of 40 days for the body-mind to create new habits, and for this reason Yoga Your Way clients commit to a minimum of 6 sessions within a 6 to 8-week period. Whether your goal is simply to be comfortable during daily activities, recover from an injury or more highly refine your current yoga practice, Yoga Your Way will assist you in connecting with your inner alignment, vitality and strength. 

6-session, 12-session and monthly on-going packages are available. Please contact Catherine to discuss your specific goals and discover what package best fits your needs.

What people are saying

“My husband and I have been taking Yoga Your Way classes with Catherine for the past year and it has been a great blessing. She has profoundly changed my connection to my body and awareness of the connections between my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. My occupation as a violinist and teacher makes it very easy to overuse and strain my neck, shoulder, and back and I am relearning, with Catherine’s gentle guidance, how to allow greater support to happen through my entire body. I find that I have more energy and a more positive attitude overall after sessions and feel a deeper sense of well-being after each meeting. Catherine brings tremendous wealth of knowledge to each session, as she draws from Kundalini yoga practice, Somatic healing, and energy work in addressing that day’s issues. We always start from where we are each session. I can attest to the great effect working with Catherine has been on my husband’s well being, as well. He has much greater awareness of his posture and moves with so much more ease than one year ago. Lifelong habits of holding and overuse of certain muscles are being gently reminded of a different and more supportive way of being. His physical and emotional energy have rebounded and he handles stressors in a much healthier way. We cannot thank Catherine enough for her gentle spirit and deep caring for our well-being. She is keenly observant and is generous with her knowledge. We learn so much each session. Thank you, Catherine!” Laura H., Nov 2014, Minneapolis, MN

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