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Therapeutic Movement Coaching

how therapeutic movement coaching works:

ChiFlow™ Therapeutic Movement has developed organically as an extension and compilation of Catherine’s on-going studies of breathing, somatic-based yoga and therapeutic movement combined with deep listening-in-the-moment to energy flowing within the meridians and nadis of the body. 

Through a process of noticing where the body is ‘not flowing’ while exploring pathways of support back into the neuro-muscular system and skeletal system, Catherine shows the client how to use breathing and intentional movement to foster deep relaxation and gentle re-patterning. It is adaptable to all body types, ages and stages of mobility and may include the use of props, chairs, balls and straps. 

This process is particularly helpful when recovering from injuries, surgery, accidents, strokes and repetitive motion situations. Whereas Yoga Your Way is designed to address more general, ease of movement during daily living, Therapeutic Moving Coaching has a more specific focus of addressing a particular movement issue that is limiting functionality of a joint or area of the body.

Clients are encouraged to use their own body as their “classroom” to explore and learn the most optimal way to cultivate a sense of support and ease while moving in their body so they can be fully functional in their daily life. 

Catherine Siri Sat is happy to incorporate a client’s physical therapy exercise routine into each session to assist them in executing optimal support and alignment while addressing energetic “disconnects” that often are present in their habitual movement patterns.

Please contact Catherine to discuss your specific goals and discover what best fits your needs.

What people are saying

Thank you for sharing your exuberance and joy and wonderful knowledge with us! We are both so grateful for all of your gifts and your generosity in sharing them with us. You’re a wonderful teacher and caring ally in developing better relationship with our bodies! LH and TOK, Dec 2015

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