about vibrant joy

what is vibrant joy?

a state
of feeling fully alive and empowered to be your most creative self.
a choice
of connecting with your inner magic to move in the direction of your dreams.
a process
of allowing yourself to release what's keeping you stuck.
a practice
of flowing in the moment with a sense of freedom, curiosity and dynamic balance.
a mindset
of recognizing and gently listening to the wisdom of your physical body.
an alignment
of your Body and Mind with your Spirit.


  • passionate about assisting people to awaken and nurture the amazing potential of their physical body as a Sacred Vessel to Embody Spirit so that they can share their unique gifts with the world while living their most creative, fulfilling and pain-free life.
  • a highly sensitive empath and intuitive with a lifetime of experience from her own healing journey that began at age 19 with an autoimmune “mystery illness” followed by decades of allergies, chronic inflammation with pain and digestive issues. She understands what it's like to feel frustrated and in pain everyday.
  • now in her mid-fifties and feeling more vibrant, healthy and joyful than ever before in her life… and she’s learned many things along the way that she’d like to share with you!


In 2012, following a breast cancer diagnosis, Catherine heard a powerful inner voice that told her “it is time to take charge of your own emotional and physical health”.  This inner voice constantly reminded her that she had everything she needed within herself to create optimal health and well-being. Although she thought she ‘knew this’ from her training in  Global Somatics™, Reiki and Multidimensional Energywork, she realized she was not fully believing it for herself. So she decided to take self responsibility and made the commitment to allow this inner voice to guide her. As if by magic, the perfect people to support her return to vibrant health began to show up in her life and she began to learn new tools that allowed for big shifts into feeling Whole and Healthy.

She is now “back in her flow” enjoying each day with a new sense of self-awareness and body wisdom. AND SHE IS EXCITED TO SHARE WHAT SHE HAS DISCOVERED WITH YOU!

Throughout Catherine Siri Sat’s  journey she has found much support in the Natural Healing Remedies of the physical realm including Plant Medicines, Yoga, Breathwork, Energywork, Sound Healing, Authentic Movement and Being in Nature. BUT, she has experienced the biggest shifts to restoring her health through her Inner Realm Work of observing and training her mind while continually clearing emotional and energetic ties that were buried below her consciousness, keeping her stuck in unhealthy patterns of thinking, moving and acting.

This process of becoming aware of the power of our mind and emotions while learning to deeply listen to the messages from our body is the KEY to full, lasting health and well-being. 

This is why Moving Mindfully throughout each moment of our day is SO critical to feeling vibrant and joyful!

It is a PATH of cultivating self-kindness, opening our hearts to compassion for all living things and choosing to align with our inner compass rather than the whims of the world around us. 


As a Somatic Movement Intuitive, Catherine Siri Sat is gifted with the ability to see where energy disconnects are occurring in people’s movement patterns as well as when they are at rest. These disconnects are usually tied to a mindset, emotion or lifelong habit that is “just outside of their awareness”. Because these patterns are hidden below the surface, we often end up treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause of what’s causing dis-ease. Catherine Siri Sat assists clients to connect up with the wisdom of their physical body and spirit to become aware of these unconscious patterns and guides them to new ways of moving, thinking and be-ing in their lives that connect with their wholeness allowing vibrant joy and health to flourish.


Elusive support -
I have searched outside myself
for what lies within.
My Sacred Vessel -
A Universe in each cell
Pulsating with Life!
Calmness. Peace. Power.
Sanctuary within me,
Reverence for All.
Body - flesh and bone.
Spirit resides everywhere,
Finally, I'm home.
I breathe and create -
a work of art in progress,
Spirit in body
These mental constructs
shape my life, keeping me stuck.
I long to be free.
Letting go of fear -
in others eyes I see me.
Can I love myself?
Wonder and Delight  -
magical happenings Now.
Each moment precious.
Every moment
my body communicates.
It's time to listen.
Embodied Living -
Creativity Flowing,
Radiating Joy!
Each breath that I take-
Flowing energy of life.
I Embody Source
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