Awaken, nurture and embody your most healthy, creative self.

Somatic Movement Education & Conscious Embodiment Coaching

welcome to vibrant joy Movement!

Each and every one of you has the ability to cultivate health, vitality and peace of mind so that you can move in the direction of your dreams!

My name is Catherine Siri Sat Liska, and I am delighted that you found me. If you are experiencing chronic pain or feeling stuck and uncomfortable in your body, now is the perfect time to stop struggling and start living each day with a sense of stability, ease and balance.

Understanding how your brain & body are designed to move to support change in your life holds the key to vibrant, joyful living, and I have years of experience assisting people just like you to find a sense of "vibrant joy" in their bodies.

YOUR BODY IS A COMMUNITY OF RELATIONSHIPS, and every cell in your body is constantly communicating with each other, your spirit and the environment around you. Cultivating a sense of deep connection to your body is necessary for having a sense of ease and calm in your daily life. I have many tools to assist you to consciously connect with your body's intelligence.

Remember - you are a beautiful and unique individual who was born with gifts that only you can bring to the world... and it's important for you to feel supported so that you can move from "surviving" to "thriving" in your daily life

I will assist you to recognize and release the disruptive and painful physical, emotional and energetic patterns that are holding you back from your most vibrant, joy-filled life so that you feel a sense of support and comfort being in your body and shine your light brightly in the world. 


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Catherine Liska is a founding member of the Community for Higher Consciousness

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"It's a pleasure to be a part of Catherine's work in the world.  The benefits of Catherine's Chi Flow Fun-damentals class are amazing. Chronic pain is significantly reduced and both PTSD and fear no longer have a major control of my being. Thank you Catherine!" 
~M.B., Dec 2015, Twin Cities

"Catherine's weekly Chair Yoga class has done more for my body and mind than I could have ever magined when I began four years ago! Over that time my body has become more fluid and energized and my mind notably calmer with her breathing techniques. I genuinely look forward to this class each week and appreciate the varied exercises. Sincerely,"
~C.B., April, 2015, Minneapolis, MN

"When I first started seeing Catherine, I was in constant worry about sitting due to the fact my Tension Myositis Syndrome would act up and cause pain in the muscles that support that posture.  Imagine that!  I was having constant stress over participating in an act we all take for granted! Catherine gave me some exercises and movements for a daily practice to help me unlock the physical and emotional under-pinnings of my issues.  After a couple of months of using those I definitely saw a difference in my issues and today, several years later, I no longer suffer from the issue at all  and it rarely, if ever, even comes into my consciousness.  That's how far in the rearview mirror it now is thanks, in part, to the work I did with Catherine."
~ Nick Reynolds, 2017

"Thank you so much. The Joy "Hangover" lasted over a week! I found myself breaking out into spontaneous laughter just for the joy of it. I am looking forward to practicing the beautiful ways of calling Joy into my life in abundance."
~ Diana A., Dec 2016 Increase Your Joy Quotient Workshop

"Catherine has a playful, sweet and endearing energy. She inspires me to open up to my healing self and take small steps that seem to yield unexpected, delightful results. I never really know what we will do when we work together, we both explore together and it is a very satisfying process."
~B.B.  March 2012 St Paul, MN

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Awaken, nurture and embody your most healthy, creative self.
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