Bodywork + Energywork

Integrative Soma-Soul Process

These integrative sessions combine:

Global SomaticsTM Process,
New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation process
Ancestral + Other Lifetime Clearing

to optimize your soul-body relationship based on cultivating your own connection with the energy of Love, non-judgment and freedom from fear.

Each session is a unique combination of these approaches based on your  intention at the beginning of the session and unfolds based on dialogue with your body, your soul aspects and your optimal spiritual healing team facilitated by Catherine Siri Sat.


What is the New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation process?

All life on Gaia(planet Earth) is experiencing a time of rapidly evolving awareness in the interconnectedness of all of creation. Each human is invited to participate fully in his/her own evolution through a commitment to self-love, non-judgment and releasing fear on all levels of his/her soul.

How does physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing occur?

Healing occurs when a person realizes the true power of being human is LOVE.
The most important challenge in integrating this LOVE is to LOVE ourselves.

We are born to LOVE, to live in LOVE and to create from our hearts rather than from the limitations of our mind. When we live in fear, we give our power away to fear, but when we allow the frequency of LOVE to guide us we clear fear,release judgment and transform our lives in a way that affects us and everyone around us. Only then are we truly FREE to be who we really are.

Catherine Siri Sat is attuned to New Paradigm MDT, the transformative energies of Shamballa and Mahatma which are ever-expanding frequencies of unlimited, unconditional love. As she channels these high vibrational energies and connects with your multi-dimensional soul aspects Catherine Siri Sat acts as a facilitator providing a safe container for your own I AM Presence to release fear, harmonize your energy field,  release limiting beliefs and clear your DNA so that you may activate your own higher frequency energetic set-point of LOVE and move into FREEDOM and JOY.

What is Ancestral & Other Lifetime Clearing?

It is a toolset to transform the past by working through issues and patterns in your ancestry and the many lifetimes you've been in:

We are all Divine Beings having a human experience over many incarnations and we can carry issues and patterns with us from other lifetimes as well as through our ancestry. Ancestral and Other Lifetime Clearing is a process of identifying and working through issues and patterns rooted in your ancestry and many lifetimes you’ve been in for heal your personal life, heal your ancestry, resolve past live and transform simultaneous lives. Some common issues to address are soul fragmentation, energetic cords, emotional imprints and lost souls in the energy field. Recommended prerequisite: Disconnection from the Collective Shadow and Cellular Activation.

What is Disconnection from the Collective Shadow (DCE) and CellularActivation (CA)?

DCS is a multi-step process that disconnects you from the collective (humanity’s) heavier issues, patterns and problems. This is important since we are all interconnected and all affect each other. This disconnection process helps you feel lighter and happier.

CA is a three phase process that helps you to  let go of the past, on a deeper level, and bring in your life purpose information so that you begin to attract more optimal experiences. It also brings in energies of your own masteries on a higher soul level to raise your vibration to a higher level. You will feel lighter and have advanced perceptions about yourself and others.

What is the Global Somatics Process?

It is a comprehensive body-mind-spirit approach to facilitating health and vitality using movement, sound, vibration, touch, and psycho-physical processing.
More information is under the Global Somatics Process service description.
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