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ZOOM Session Topic: EESystems Twin Cities

Monday August 29th, 2pm


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Body and Breath


Nurture, Revitalize and Relax

Gentle Somatic Yoga

& Conscious Breathing

Be Present in Your Body and Breath.

Build Internal Awareness to Self Correct & Self Regulate.

Assist your Brain to Learn and Your Body to Restore Flexibility Using Somatic Tools.

Practice Breathing to Restore Balance to the Nervous System.

The foundation of Gentle Somatic Yoga is based on moving with curiosity and non-judgment within your authentic range of motion without pain or strain.

In each class Catherine Siri Sat invites you to explore your relationship to your physical body and breath while witnessing your thoughts and emotions, awakening your spirit and increasing awareness of your ability to create inner calmness. This class is appropriate for most ages and abilities - contact Catherine Siri Sat if you have questions about participating.

Please watch Catherine's short video "Magical Foot Sliders for Neck & Upper Back Tension Release" for an example of this gentle, somatic approach.

Every class is recorded, and each person who registers will receive a video replay link within 24 hours after the end of class that can be viewed at any time and never expires.

Prepare for class by setting up your Zoom link a few minutes early in a quiet space where you have a little room to move your limbs and will not be interrupted. Please wear comfortable clothing and have a yoga mat/carpet to lie on and pillows/blankets/towels to use as props for maximum comfort. Have a glass of water nearby.

MUST REGISTER BY 5PM on day of class

$10 to $25 per class

Minimum $10 - *HOWEVER, no one turned away - contact Catherine with questions about registration options via email or phone: 612-232-7593

Upon registration you will receive an email containing the Zoom Meeting link for class, plus a follow up reminder email within 24 hours before class. And you will receive a second email within 24 hours of class containing the video recording link for you to watch the class again at any time at your convenience.

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Chi Flowing Chair Yoga for EVERYONE!




Mindful Movement is the key to maintaining a sense of balance and inner calm in your daily life.

Whether you sit for hours on end or stand on your feet all day, Gentle Chi Flowing Chair Yoga will vitalize you with alignment-based movement and breathing you can do while seated or standing using a chair for support. 

This class is beneficial for all ages and fitness levels and is particularly accessible for people who want the benefit of increased flexibility and joint mobility that comes from a yoga practice but are experiencing limited mobility due to injury, chronic illness or difficulty getting up/down from the floor. 

Basic anatomy and body mechanics are explored as the foundation for moving, strengthening and aligning the body during daily activities such as bending and reaching to increase range of motion and reduce pain.

Each class is designed around the students who show up, honoring and supporting each individual's level of flexibility and strength.

LOCATION: ONLINE ZOOM CLASSES (filmed at Vibrant Joy Movement Studio, 23 SE 4th Street, Suite 212, Minneapolis, MN 55414)

ALL  CLASSES WILL BE RECORDED and available online with pre-registration for one week

Pre-Register for monthly class package prices above- Zoom meeting link will be sent to you in an email when you register
Pre-registration for each class ends one hour before class the day of class (12noon)

If you cannot attend in person you may register for any class by the 12noon deadline and the video recording of class will be sent to you on Friday and is available to watch online anytime at your convenience


Drop-in any individual class $20 - Zoom meeting link will be sent to you in an email when you register. Class recording link will be sent out on Friday to watch replay.

Bring a Friend: 2 people attending class from the same computer $30 per class - Zoom meeting link will be sent via email to the person who registers (only one name required for registration)

Catherine Siri Sat  612-232-7593

DVD NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER: 47 Minute Revitalizing Whole Body Chair Yoga

$25 ($20 plus $5 shipping)
Cick on "Workshops & Special Events" tab and scroll down to find the DVD.
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“Catherine’s weekly Chair Yoga class has done more for my body and mind than I could have ever imagined when I began four years ago! Over that time my body has become more fluid and energized and my mind notably calmer with her breathing techniques. I genuinely look forward to this class each week and appreciate the varied exercises." – C.B., Minneapolis

Healthy Happy Hips Review Class

in 2021: January 7, February 4, March 11
$30.00 per class
ZOOM class filmed at Vibrant Joy Movement Studio, 23 SE 4th Street, Suite 213, Minneapolis, MN 55414


*must have taken the Healthy Happy Hips workshop to participate in this review class
** contact Catherine if you are interested in attending this class in person rather than on Zoom

This monthly class provides an opportunity to practice what we learned in the Happy Healthy Hips & Pelvis workshop and dive deeper into the material.

Catherine Siri Sat will facilitate a movement series to assist with connecting with your inner awareness of the interconnectedness of your body, thoughts and habitual movement patterns to open energy channels and reduce pain. This month we will address how alignment and discomfort are related to the body's ability to maintain homeostasis.

Class size limited to 8 people and participants must have taken the Healthy Happy Hips & Pelvis workshop from Catherine.

Contact Catherine directly to receive pre-approval to register at

Movement Fitness for Violin Artists

Thursday, March 18, 2021
Online via ZOOM

Although you may be playing a violin, YOUR ENTIRE BODY IS YOUR INSTRUMENT!

In this class Catherine Siri Sat will share basic movement fitness to support violin artists to reduce injury and find a sense of support, fluidity and brain/body connection.

Please dress comfortably, have your violin and a straight chair (no wheels on the chair) close-by. We will be moving both seated and standing as well as discussing/sharing questions and feedback about our experience as a way to learn with and from each other.

This class will be recorded and the video recording will be made available to each student for viewing at anytime in the future at their convenience, or it can be downloaded by students to their own device if they choose.

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Energy Harmonizing with Polarity Foot Reflexology

Saturday & Sunday, March 27 & 28, 2021
9am-6pm each day
$333 for 16 hours of instruction and hands-on practice plus $75 for 2 course books and handouts ($408 total) $100 registration deposit required by March 10, 2021 (non-refundable after March 12, 2021 at which time registration closes)
Location: In person at Vibrant Joy Studio, 23 SE 4th Street, Suite 213, Minneapolis, MN 55414 Group size limited to 6 people maximum

There are many pathways to vibrant health and fluid calmness in our body, but it is particularly important to keep the energy flowing in our feet as they are most often our main contact point with the energy field of the earth.

Although the feet are often ignored or dismissed as unimportant, the wisdom of reflexology has long recognized that information about the entire body is reflected in a person’s feet. In other words, if there is disharmony somewhere in a person’s body, that disharmony will show up in that person’s feet.


The foundation of Polarity Therapy is that the body has patterns of energy which form the blueprint that the body uses when healing itself. When this life force energy is blocked or distorted there is interference with the natural ability of the body to repair itself. Since these patterns of energy link all parts of the body together, it is possible to reset the entire energy of the body using the polarity currents in your hands to apply intentional touch to specific areas on a person’s feet.


This course is an introduction to working with the energy field of the body using the reflex points of the feet and lower legs to bring harmony to the entire body. All material is appropriate for anyone to learn even without any kind of prior body-work experience.



·        This course presents the basics of energy mapping from Polarity Therapy and the meridian system including how the chakras, five elements and fluid systems of the body give clues to imbalances in the energy matrix of the body.

·        Each participant will practice sensing and interacting with the energy flow in the body using the hands and her/his own energyfield to gather information that facilitates balance and harmony.

·        Participants will partner with each other to practice 6 basic energy harmonizing protocols and everyone will both facilitate and receive each protocol

·        Group discussion and sharing will follow each energy harmonizing protocol practice to allow for integration and expanded understanding of personal experience

·        Each participant will leave this with experience using 3 foot/lower leg specific protocols as well as 3 whole-body protocols and a wealth of instructional material


$100 deposit due by March 10, 2021 (to cover 2 books and instruction materials) required to register. Remaining balance due first day of class OR payment plans available by contacting Catherine as shown below:

Please contact Catherine Siri Sat with any questions via email, text or phone call:


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Upcoming Workshops & Event


13D MASTER CERTIFICATION: New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation

4-day 32-hour certification (limited to 6 people)

($555 includes manual and School of Esoteric Sciences certification)

MY HAPPY FEET: Footcare Basics for Vibrant Health

3-hr. experiential body awareness and somatic education (limited to 6 people)

($90 includes workbook and footcare basics toolkit)


12 hours over 2 days

$275 + $75 for manual ($350 total)

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Chair Yoga Whole Body Revitalizer DVD

46 minutes long

In this DVD Catherine guides you through a series of gentle and fun movements to increase flexibility and balance, reduce pain, strengthen your core and calm your nervous system.

Click on "Register" link below
to order and purchase DVD.

***Please be sure to include your shipping address in the Notes box***

Your DVD will be shipped via USPS Standard Rate. If you desire expedited shipping please contact Catherine directly at:

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"Catherine's weekly Chair Yoga class has done more for my body and mind than I could have ever imagined when I began four years ago! Over that time my body has become more fluid and energized and my mind notably calmer with her breathing techniques. I genuinely look forward to this class each week and appreciate the varied exercises. Sincerely, C.B." 2015

ENTERING 2021 IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE: Kundalini Yoga to Embody the Neutral Mind

Sunday, January 3, 2021
Suggested $25 (or suggested donation of $10-$25 - no one turned away - contact Catherine for other payment & participation options)
Online *(VIDEO RECORDING AVAILABLE BY 4PM) and In Person (2-person maximum in-person, RSVP first-come first serve: )

The Neutral Mind is the Key to Thriving in the Aquarian Age and The Body is the Compass

Have you noticed? There is a different energy enveloping the planet. It's official - we are fully "both feet into" the Age of Aquarius and there's no turning back.

No more relying on outside influences to guide us. Now we are required to tune into our own internal compass based on balancing the ability to cultivate a "neutral mind" while deeply listening to the input from our physical body to provide guidance as to when to take loving action and when to pause in patience and self-care.

Every single person holds their own key to how this new earth Aquarian paradigm emerges and will contribute exactly what is needed - it is important to "tune-in" to yourself and consciously relax into the awareness of who you are and what gifts you have to share with the world at this time.

Join Catherine Siri Sat Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 to practice body awareness combined with Kundalini Yoga and Mantra practice to support the "new embodied human" and move fully into your heart-centered empowerment as a beacon of light anchoring the consciousness of love on the planet.

ZOOM Link will be sent out via email at least one hour before class to each registrant.


QUESTIONS: Contact Catherine at

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