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Energy Harmonizing


Everyday as you interact with your environment you are in constant communication with the energies of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spirit realms that make up your Whole (Natural) Body system. 

When the relationships among these aspects of energy field become imbalanced, you experience chronic health issues including pain, fatigue, insomnia, jittery nerves and lack of focus. It may even feel as if your body is our Number One Enemy! 

In each energy harmonizing session Catherine Siri Sat assists your physical body to activate optimal energy flow with hands-on techniques that "jumper cable" blocked energy channels and restore optimal meridian flows. 

You will be guided to connect with the wisdom your physical body through a process of gentle, active awareness of your sensations while cultivating a relationship to your own inner healer. This restores balance and harmony throughout all aspects of your body/mind and calms your nervous system. 

Energy Harmonizing works cumulatively, meaning that each session establishes new relationships in your energy field that are reinforced with regular sessions to keep the energy channels opened and flowing. Packages available.

Contact Catherine Siri Sat to discuss your specific goals and determine what best fits your needs.

What people are saying

You have done so much assisting me on my path with your support, your encouragement, your loving and gentle feedback and mirroring what you see in me and how my actions may help or hinder my higher purpose. When it comes to how our bodies move and work, or "don't move" and have adapted to some other way of working or moving, you have a keen ability to see this due to the great knowledge and life long experience and training you have acquired. When you combine your knowledge of movement with your ability to sense deep ated blocks we harbor and the guidance you are tapped into on all dimensions it makes for a powerful way to breakthrough these blocks. Working with you to create new patterns and let go of old beliefs has helped me to walk into the life I desire and see my life as a flow of love and peace. I am truly grateful for you and the work that you do, this kind of healing is priceless. So much love, Courtney, Minneapolis, MN July 2017

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