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Transition, Integration and The Importance of Mindful Movement

Catherine Liska
Oct 26, 2018

Transition, Integration and The Importance of Mindful Movement

Autumn is here in Minnesota with it’s intense colors and every changing weather – a time of transition where we experience the slowing down of nature around us as plants prepare for the winter months of shorter days and longer nights. This is a time to pause and breathe – opening space in our bodies and minds to reflect and fully integrate the invitation to balance and reset that occurs with each September Equinox.

In August my travels continued taking me to the beauty of Normandy and Brittany in northwestern France to connect with the waters of the coastline, the ancient sacred stone structures around Carnac and the historic towns and villages. It was a trip that literally “fed my soul”. When I travel I love to connect with my inner-explorer…. with that sense of curiosity and openness that allow me to let go of expectations and be more fully in each moment than I typically experience in my everyday life.

Sometimes obstacles are actually opportunities.

On this last trip, for instance, when using Google Maps on our phones to navigate from one location to another we lost cell phone connectivity - ughhh!!! My husband and I consciously decided NOT to be frustrated. We each took a deep breath and then traveled for a bit on an unknown road in hope that we were going in the general direction toward our destination for the day. Along the way we relaxed and ended up seeing some gorgeous countryside and buildings. As we confronted the “obstacle” of losing our cell phone service and surrendered to the situation we recognized it as an opportunity to practice breathing and being present in the moment.

Letting go of the resistance to “what is” and allowing yourself and your body to “flow in each moment” is the key to finding more ease and balance in each day.
My 4 KEYS TO MINDFUL MOVEMENT are a great way to slow down, go deep within and honor the creative spirit that dwells in your heart:
  1. Be Open and Curious  Mindset: I Explore & Play
  2. Slow Down and Breathe Mindset: I Savor My Experience
  3. Pay Attention to Your Body Mindset: I Notice Relationships & Discern Differences
  4. Visualize and Imagination Mindset: I Direct My Mind and Energy Flows As I Desire

With each transition, our body is called upon to move us in the direction that we choose to go. But before we can move forward there is always a process of letting go of the old and integrating the new. By slowing down and being present in the moment we allow our body and mind to relax and connect with our unique gifts and creativity.

As we transition into a new season I invite you to: 

- Take a minute at least once each day to take a deep breath, open to your sense of curiosity, slow down your body and mind so that you notice your ribs and belly move as your breathe.

- Become aware your feet and hands, your head and tailbone. Pay Attention to your Body.

- Visualize your breath filling your body from head to toe, exhaling tension and inhaling exactly what you need in this moment to support you.

- Imagination yourself moving with a sense of ease and joy as you tackle your next task for the day.  

ASK YOURSELF:  “How can I move with more ease and less tension/resistance?”


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