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Global Somatics™ Process

How the Global Somatics™ Process Works:

The Global Somatics™ Process honors each person's connection to their "Natural Body" and empowers each individual to activate the channels between their physical body and energy field for Authentic Healing, Self Realization and Conscious Evolution. 

It is both therapeutic and educational.

Through the art of relationship the client and Catherine Siri Sat co-create a shared experience at the level of cellular conscious that allows a state of wholeness and vitality to emerge using a process of re-patterning through the use of:

- energy resonance
- movement education
- intentional touch
- sound current
- breath
- emotional processing 

 Each session is unique as an expression of both the client's intention and the fluid state of their Natural Body at that point in time

The result is a sense of wholeness and deeper connection to both Nature and Spirit residing throughout the physical body and energy field.

"The Natural Body is a dance between the systems of the physical body and the energy field that permeates and surrounds the body. 
This dance consists of developing patterns of movement that grow and transform from conception through death. These moving patterns reveal and create dynamics of perception which connect aspects of self-sensation and movement, energy, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, soul, spirit and one’s unique purpose for being here on earth. 
Embodiment is an ongoing process of actively seeking and openly allowing the body to reveal its consciousness and clear its trauma." ~ Suzanne River, founder of the Global Somatics Process 

Each session unfolds as a co-created experience between the client and Catherine Siri Sat that nurtures embodiment – the life process of actively seeking and openly allowing the body to reveal its consciousness and to reconnect with the energy field. 

Through the Global Somatics™ Process, harmony and balance are restored, allowing  both space for and connection to the healing and transformative wholeness that moves within the Natural Body.

The Global Somatics™ Process honors its roots in Anatomy/Physiology, Dance, Body-Mind Centering (BMC™), Somatic Movement Education, Authentic Movement, Movement Therapy, Contact Improvisation, Carnio-sacral Therapy, Yoga, Energy Medicine, Voice, The Arts, Shamanism and Ceremony.

Contact Catherine Siri Sat to discuss your specific goals and determine what best fits your needs.

What people are saying

"Catherine has a playful, sweet and endearing energy. She inspires me to open up to my healing self and take small steps that seem to yield unexpected, delightful results. I never really know what we will do when we work together, we both explore together and it is a very satisfying process." ~B.B. March 2012 St Paul, MN

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