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Disconnection from the Collective Shadow & Cellular Activation

What is “Disconnection from the Collective Shadow” and “Cellular Activation”?

These two processes were developed by Maureen Higgins in 2005-2008 to assist people’s physical bodies in letting go of past difficulties and traumas so that they can be healthier and happier and live in alignment with their spirit.

Disconnection from the Collective Shadow

Because all people on Earth are energetically connected to both the positive and the negative beliefs, patterns and experiences that have occurred on this planet, there is a collective energy matrix that holds those patterns in place.

The positive beliefs, patterns and experiences are not an issue; however, the negative beliefs, patterns and experiences that we call the “collective shadow” have made it almost impossible for humans to align with their spirit and connect with love and joy. This “collective shadow” is the sum total lower vibrational energies of all the ways that humans hurt each other and thrives on isolation and victimhood rather than collaboration and mastery.

Maureen was shown that it is possible to disconnect from the Earth’s collective shadow energy matrix through a process that begins with an intentional statement to Disconnect from the Collective Shadow energy matrix followed by a process of releasing blocks from the heart which then makes it much easier for a person to work on his/her own personal issues and blocks.

Catherine Siri Sat assists your higher self in this process you will feel lighter and happier.

Cellular Activation

After a person has been disconnected from the collective shadow it is much easier to work with the physical body to assist it in becoming able to hold more of the “light of a person’s soul” and and bring in your life purpose information so that you begin to attract more optimal experiences. This is because once the density of the shadow energies is disconnected there is literally more capacity available in a human body to fill with love, compassion and joy. It is then possible to activate the physical body to hold these higher frequency energies at a cellular level and bring in the energies of your own masteries on a higher soul level. You will feel lighter and have advanced perceptions about yourself and others.

These 2 processes jumpstart the process of self-awareness, higher consciousness and self-mastery that leads to a healthier and happier life.

Further benefit occurs with continued, regular energetic clearing.

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