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10 Bodies Birth Numerology

We are each born with certain strengths and challenges that our spirit-self carries from lifetime to lifetime.

The date that we chose to be born can be used to assist us in understanding these strengths and challenges so that we can consciously expand beyond the limitations of our birth numerology and move into alignment with our full potential as master-creators.

Your Birth Numerology 5 aspects, or positions, that are determined by the numbers of the day,month, decade and century/year you were born. These are:

Soul    Karma   Gift    Destiny   Path

These 5 aspects are the “collective theme” that you chose to focus on when you incarnate, and they will continue to influence your life experiences until you are able to become fully aware of and consciously integrate the lessons that will allow you to move out of the “rut of incarnation” and into your own “mastery”.

Each 10 Bodies Birth Numerology reading includes:

1. An electronic pdf copy of your chart including:

  • a list of the 10 Bodies and their qualities
  • the meaning of each of the 5 aspects
  • your particular combination of aspects and how they may manifest in your 10 Bodies to assist you in your own life-lessons journey
  • an overview of your strengths and challenges throughout your soul's history and what you've chosen to focus on during this incarnation - the overall "theme" of your life purpose
  • a list of intentions, mantras and yoga practices that may be of assistance in achieving self mastery in each of your aspects

2. A 45 minute session with Catherine Siri Sat to go over your birth numerology chart and answer your questions. This session is typically via phone call or Zoom, and can be recorded upon request for future reference.

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